Born in 1941 in Norristown, Pennsylvania, Jerry Spinelli discovered his calling in 1957 when his high school football team won a big game. The town celebrated, his fellow students raced through the streets, but Jerry sneaked back home and marked the occasion in his own way. He wrote a poem. Later the town newspaper published it. “And,” he reports, “I’ve been a writer ever since.”

Married to Eileen Spinelli, who is also a writer, Jerry was for many years an editor for the Chilton Company. Now a full-time writer, he lives in Phoenixville, Pennsylvania.

Jerry Spinelli’s immensely popular books include SPACE STATION SEVENTH GRADE, JASON AND MARCELINE, WHO PUT THAT HAIR IN MY TOOTHBRUSH? and MANIAC MAGEE, which has won more than fifteen state children’s book awards in addition to the Newbery Medal.