What You Need To Know About Wigs

Wigs are now ubiquitous. You can hardly walk across the streets of New York without seeing someone wearing a shiny, lustrous wig.  Wigs are gotten from several sources, some of which are human hair, horsehair, synthetic compounds. They are also used for several reasons, ranging from aesthetics, modeling, and even culture.

Fashion has evolved over the years, and so are its elements. The types and styles of wigs have evolved. Wig lovers now have the liberty to choose from a wide variety of wigs such as frontals, headbands, lace-front, and synthetic units. Asides from the versatility and comfort they provide, wigs make it easy to change your looks without having to damage your natural hair. According to hairstylist Kellon Deryck, “ People don’t like to put heat on [or color] their natural hair. With these wigs, [you can] change your hairstyle frequently without ruining the integrity of your natural hair…You get this flawless look without having to press out your edges or color your hair times can vary in price depending on the type and manufacturer. Human hair wigs, which are known to be the highest quality hair, can range between $200 to $5000. Human hair wigs can last several years if handled carefully.

 Types Of Wig

1. Human Hair Wigs

As costly as they may be, human hair wigs offer the best value for money invested. They can vary by their origin. There are four different types of human hair wigs – Chinese, Caucasian, Indian and European. Of these human hair wig types, European wigs are the most sought after. It is the finest of all human hair types, and its denier is very smooth. Apart from European hairs, Indian human hairs are also sought after. They have a very fine denier, just like the European human hair wigs. The denier of a wig can determine its ability to curl. European and Indian hairs can be easily curled due to their very thin deniers.

2. Synthetic Wigs

Synthetic wigs are common among models. Though synthetic wigs are not as flexible as human hair wigs, they can be easily styled. They can also retain that style for a long while -Most synthetic wigs retain their styles even after being washed. A major disadvantage of Synthetic wigs is that they are not as durable as human hair wigs. On average, a synthetic wig can last 6-9 months before wearing out. Some synthetic wigs last only a few weeks. Another fallout is that synthetic wigs are not as versatile as human hair wigs. They can’t be styled as much as human hair can.

In terms of construction, a wig can be made into an open-cap, full-cap, or partial coverage. An open-cap wig is made from hairs sewn into nylon stripes, each stripe having spaces that allow for ventilation and flexibility. Open cap wigs may not be suitable for people with thinning hairs as they may not give the desired coverage to the scalp.

Partial coverage wigs are usually clip-on that serve as an enhancement for your tresses. Most times, they are elastic in structure.  When used, they increase the length of your hair, i.e., they make it appear longer. Some partial wigs, such as topper caps, can be clipped onto the head, covering the crown. These wigs are perfect for concealing the effect of hair loss. They cover up the area and give your hair a natural look.

Speciality Wigs

There are several specialty wigs such as U-Shaped, Full Lace, Lace Front, Silk Top, Closure, Half Wig, and Monofilament wigs.

U-Shaped Wigs

A U-Shaped wig has clips with which it can be attached to the hair. You will achieve the best result with this wig when the texture of your hair matches that of the wig. In cases where they don’t match, it’s best to use a wig that provides full coverage.

Full Lace Wigs

Full lace wigs are very flexible and easy to wear. When worn, it provides an illusion of the hair coming directly from the scalp. The stretch cap with which it is made gives it a seamless finish line. A feature of this wig that some users don’t find it desirable that it’s worn with adhesives. Although it gives the hair an accurate hairline, it must be applied carefully.

Lace Front Wigs

Lace front wigs are made with a lace mesh fitted at the hairline that can be attached to the hair.

Hand-Tied & Machine-Made Wigs

According to its production method, wigs can be classified as Hand-tied or Machine-Made. Just as the name implies, hand-tied wigs are made manually. Though the production process can be quite stressful, it produces the most natural results. Hand-made wigs are also less prone to tangling. They can, however, be costly.  Machine-wefted wigs are less costly and more liable to tangling. Most synthetic wigs are machine this way. Human hair wigs are best hand-made. This is because, to be machine-wefted, they have to be processed with chemicals, which may yield an undesirable texture.

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5 Vacation Dresses to Get You in the Holiday Mood

If you’re traveling to see friends and family over the holidays, it’s important to look your best at all times so you can feel comfortable and confident. What are the best clothes to wear on holiday? If you have an important business dinner or need to impress your boss with your holiday party outfit, there’s no better choice than a stylish dress.

Say Yes to These Dresses

A great outfit can set the tone for an amazing trip. As you plan your outfits for vacation time, be sure to pack the following five dresses:

1. A Perfect Evening Dress

A great evening dress can take you from day to night with little effort. The right one will make you feel confident and elegant. In a stunning evening dress, you’ll feel stylish and comfortable, whether it’s for date night or a formal holiday party.

Not sure what color to choose? You’ll never go wrong with a black evening dress. Consider a plunging neckline as this cut adds just enough flirtatious fun for your evening out but doesn’t reveal too much skin during daytime hours.

2. A Resort-Ready Wedding Dress

Resort dresses can get expensive, but they’re an excellent choice if you’re planning to go to a wedding over the holiday season. Whether you want to shop designer or choose a more off-the-rack option, resort dresses will give your wardrobe more star power.

If you’re headed to a destination wedding or just plan to be on the beach a lot, consider slightly more casual resort wear like a floor-length maxi dress in a bright or tropical print.

When you have to dress for the day of the wedding, choose something beach-appropriate that doesn’t clash with the bride’s dress. Wearing your favorite flowy style in any color but white should set the tone for a noteworthy outfit.

Resort Dresses To Take Your Holiday Wardrobe To The Next Level

3. An Outdoor Summer Dress

An outdoor summer dress is a must-have for any fashionable woman on vacation. With so many stylish options on the market, there’s no reason not to bring one with you. The best part? These dresses are perfect for enjoying your time in and out of the water.

The right summer dress can feature your favorite prints or might be a minimalist style that accentuates your figure. In your shopping, choose comfortable fabrics that help you stay cool when it heats up.

You can also consider a dress that doubles as a swimsuit coverup by looking for an open-back style. No matter what summer style you prefer, there are plenty of playful dresses available for sunny getaways!

4. An Airplane-Worthy Dress

While most people tend to dress down at the airport, this doesn’t mean you need to. Taking a trip to your destination doesn’t have to involve frumpy looks or unflattering sweatpants. Comfort should be key when spending hours on end in an airplane seat. This is why choosing a dress that doesn’t wrinkle easily or impede your movement is critical.

Your airplane-worthy dress should be light, breathable, and layered with multiple undergarments, all of which make it hassle-free to get in and out of while still looking put together. Choose lightweight fabrics like linen or cotton jerseys for top-notch breathability.

5. A Day-to-Night Dress

When you’re on vacation, it’s tempting to wear only a few pieces of clothing over and over again. To make sure you don’t feel too lazy in your outfit choices while lounging around, opt for a versatile day-to-night dress you can easily slip in and out that’s perfect for any moment. Look for something with light material that also gives the option for more coverage on sun-soaked days or a more dressed-up style for a night on the town.

To prepare for the most versatile styles, always keep a pair of pants, shorts, or a skirt on hand. Likewise, carrying the right accessories with you will make it easier to dress an outfit up or down.

Make sure your vacation is as stylish as it is relaxing. Use this guide to vacation-ready wear to help you look and feel your best in whatever dress you choose.

Author Bio: Kathleen Zara works as a freelancer and entrepreneur working from a start-up learning along the way about marketing, social and networking, creating web sites, and web content..

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