10 Cake Decorating Trends To Try In 2021

One cannot possibly imagine any special day of their lives without getting celebrated over a nice show-stopping pound of cake. Be it for a birthday, anniversary, farewell or any other such special occasions, cakes are quite much needed. Some choose to get it delivered from some reputed bakery which would even extend its cake delivery in Delhi or wherever any such special celebratory occasion is taking place. Some others love to bake a cake with some quality ingredients as well as by pouring all their love into it. If baking for your loved ones is what makes you feel most alive but you are somehow losing out your interest in decorating your cake using some of the same old designs, then this space is for you. Check out some of the fantastic cake decorating trends to try in 2021.

Isomalt Design – Isomalt designs are used to deck up the cakes in a manner so that it looks no less eye-catching than a piece of precious jewellery itself. These are great sugar substitutes to add a sparkly touch to your show-stopping cake. If you wish to deck up your cake with some candy creation or sugar sculpture, then isomalt design should be your go-to cake decoration option.

Edible Flowers – Flowers are beautiful and when added to our cake, it tends to add its innate charm to it and effortlessly makes the highlight of any celebratory occasion. Edible flowers like hibiscus, lavender, honeysuckle, dandelion, rose, etc. have been ruling every baker’s heart, ever since the concept of beautifying the cakes with flowers has come into the picture.

3D Foil Details – You can paint and use some 3D foil stripes on top of your cake to enhance its beauty.

Brushstrokes – Every cake is an edible masterpiece, well at least it should appear so. Hence the concept of using some food colours and paintbrushes to draw some fancy brushstrokes over a nicely baked cake.

Pearl Decoration – Let your cake be no less than a royal dream. Choose to add some white sugar pearls to give a glamorous makeover to your pretty basic cake.

Geode Decoration – The famous Geode design has been trending be it in terms of nice wall art or even as a cake decoration. It looks quite fancy as a cake decoration.

Dripping Ganache – Well, probably the easiest one among all the other cake decorations we have discussed here. A dripping ganache is sure to make every guest’s heads turn at any celebratory occasion in its awe.

Macarons Decoration – Macarons are sweet meringue-based confections that are made with egg white, granulated sugar, icing sugar, almond meal, and food colours. It is a tiny colourful sandwiched chocopie-like sweet treat that can make your cake look absolutely drool-worthy.

Square Tier Cake – It’s good to make your cake look unique as only then it shall stand out from the crowd and the people will appreciate it. Don’t you think? Most of the tier cakes are round in shape, which is why a square tier cake is sure to make the heart of any big or small celebration.

Mini Naked Cake – You might have observed that often the cake gets wasted being “too much” in its quantity which is why a mini naked cake seems like a wonderful cake decoration idea if down-sizing is on your mind. You can get it made individually for all your guests. As naked cakes are pretty minimalistic in their taste and appeal, it is sure to fetch you some nice compliments.

So which one out of all these trending cake decorations are you planning to start experimenting with?