How to Choose a Medical Billing Service Provider Using Software From a Professional Company?

A leading provider of electronic health records (EHR) and medical billing services in USA, Kareo Software has been one of the world’s best providers of patient care solutions for almost half a century. With its extensive experience in developing software applications that help improve clinical, administrative, financial, and technical practices, Kareo continually improves its services to help provide patients with better quality of care. The company is dedicated to providing world-class computerized EHR and medical billing services that enable better patient care. To achieve its goal, Kareo has set up six technology innovation centers to focus on new developments.

Kareo offers many types of EHR software options to address the unique needs of physicians and medical clinics. These include application software, which manages and tracks patient information from the practice management office; client database software that maintains patient information in an organized, easily accessible format; application service life cycle product; and medical billing services including appointment scheduling, insurance claims processing, patient education, and account administration. The company also provides specialized training programs to enhance patient care and increase patient satisfaction with their health care. The goal is to offer each customer a complete EHR solution to help them become more successful in the business.

To meet the needs of physicians and medical clinics around the country, Kareo has set up several centers. The Center for Health Informatics and Clinical Quality Services (CHIS) at the Center for Information Technology and Medical Evidence (CIMF) at the School of Health Informatics and Information Management (SIMM) at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign helps to design and deliver quality medical billing services using Kareo software. The two Centers each have different areas of responsibility that embrace the full spectrum of medical billing services, including appointment scheduling, insurance claims processing, and electronic data management. Each of the centers also has many technical support specialists that serve as trainers, investigators, and instructional designers.

The company offers both managed billing and EHR software. The management software allows medical professionals to schedule patients in their offices, view and enter data from patient reports, generate bills, and perform preventive maintenance. The EHR software collects and securely stores patient information such as medications, tests, appointments, doctor’s notes and virtual visits. This information is delivered to the physician or practice via a secure connection using medical voice-over IP (VoIP).

How to Start a Medical Billing Business: Everything You Need To Know

As a service provider, the company designs and implements managed care and EHR software. They provide instruction and training to the service providers and train them on the usage and maintenance of the application. Once the application is installed and the service provider uses it to execute medical billing needs, the company provides support to ensure that the application is functioning properly. Technical support technicians help the service providers make any needed changes to make the application work properly. They also answer questions that clients may have about the software, give advice on which equipment is best suited for a particular practice, and answer other questions that a client may have about medical billing needs.

One of the benefits of outsourcing your medical billing needs to a specialized company like Outsource2 Indonesia is that you can save money. Medical billing is an area that has very high expenses and overhead. Software plays a big role in cutting down costs and ensuring that the service is error-free. Using the billing software provided by the outsource2USA company, you can effectively reduce your overhead and save money.

Another benefit of hiring medical billing experts from outsource2USA is that you get accurate and updated information. The company updates the software and conducts maintenance to ensure that the application continues to be error-free. The experts from the company will also assist in training clients and physicians on the software. Clients will also have the ability to get updates as and when necessary.

Training is one of the most important factors to reduce your overhead costs and improve your bottom line. The company provides training and seminars for their clients to help them understand the different modules of the software. This ensures that their staff members are updated and well versed with the software and how to use it effectively. This is very important as patients are sure to experience good quality and error-free medical billing services using software provided by the medical billing experts from the company.

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Essential Qualities of a Luxury Apartment

Everyone dreams of living in a luxury apartment. You get a luxurious lifestyle like personal convenience, privacy, and preference. It also provides high-quality facilities you may need. So if you seek a luxury apartment, consider the qualities and amenities they need.

Qualities of Luxury Apartment Facilities

Make it a point to look for the following facilities in your luxury apartment.

Modular kitchen

Look for a luxury apartment with a modular kitchen. It must have enough drawers, cupboards, and space to fit in all your kitchen equipment. In addition, the kitchen should have luxurious facilities like wine fridges, warming drawers, and a pantry.

A modular kitchen is also part of home decoration for interior design. There are many kitchen designs, but consider these latest ones:

  • Design trends – minimalism, environmentally friendly, island, and open.
  • Color trends – naturals, green and blue.
  • Material trends – natural wood, glass, marble
  • Finish – mix up textures and matte
  • Accessories – handless and natural extras

You can also use the trends to design a new kitchen or renovate the existing one.

Eco-Friendly Lifestyle

As you seek a luxury apartment, focus on both the interior and the surroundings. Get an apartment with a spacious outdoor which is perfect for children and adults. A luxurious home is not all about perfect indoors. It should have a comfy environment since it may affect your health and privacy.

Therefore, you should look for an apartment not affected by the activities of the city. Opt for gated community apartments for greenery, privacy, and exclusivity. Today, most luxury apartment owners invest in properties offering eco-friendly lifestyles and positively impact the environment.

Spa Bathroom

For a luxurious experience, your apartment should have a beautiful and spacious bathroom. Having a spa will add to the pleasure. A luxury bathroom includes shower jackets, a sauna bath, Jacuzzi, towel warmers, a steam room, and a luxury bathtub that can make you relax in any situation.

You can also turn an existing bathroom into an ultimate spa by treating it with soothing colors, luxurious accessories, and relaxing aromas. It will give a personal treat in your home. Below are ways of transforming your bathroom into a spa:

How to Invest in Lifestyle Luxury Apartments in Pakistan | Union Complex

  • Extra storage – if you have no place to store bathroom necessities and toiletries, create a storage area. Display your toiletries similar to a spa.
  • Declutter – if you have a bathroom full of hair products, toiletries, and makeup, you may clutter those you often don’t use. Consider putting them under the sink, a medicine cabinet, or a basket.
  • Upgrade the showerhead – upgrade your shower head for a massage one. Whether you like a hand-held, high-pressure, or waterfall shower head, a unique showerhead will update your bathroom.
  • Calming colors – choose neutral colors like blue, beige, and white for your spa. It creates a welcoming and soothing environment. In addition, go for colorful shower curtains and bold accents as they create a calm atmosphere.
  • Mixing nature – ensure your bathroom has flowers or houseplants for a healthy environment. It also makes the bathroom alive. Indoor plants are the most effective and easiest way of making your bathroom comfier.
  • Incorporate calming SCents – a spa with scents evokes emotions, relieves stress, and boosts relaxation. Consider scented soaps and lotions, essential oils, and scented candles for a perfect bathroom spa. For a relaxing atmosphere and calming effect, go for jasmine, lavender, or vanilla.
  • Update towels and rugs – Incorporate fluffy bath rugs and large and luxurious towels to give you a spa feeling in your bathroom. You can also get a towel warmer to indulge yourself in heated and warm towels.

Luxurious Master Bedroom

You are most likely to spend most of your time in the bedroom. Therefore, it should be spacious, have a massive bed and an ample seating area.

In addition, a luxury master bedroom should have an automatic system for sound, security, and light. The bedroom must have comfortable facilities to relax and rejuvenate fully.

A master bedroom must have good lighting. You can’t enjoy its beauty in the dark. Consider room designs like highlighting, metallic designer lamps, and chandeliers.

Choosing a luxury apartment depends on how you value the additional amenities. If you have to locate a luxury apartment in Houston, for instance, check out cozy spaces like prose south main that are fully loaded with the above facilities.

Author Bio: Kathleen Zara works as a freelancer and entrepreneur working from a start-up learning along the way about marketing, social and networking, creating web sites, and web content..

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What is a CPA? What does a Certified Public Accountant do?

A certified financial advisor has the skills to help you track your finances. They offer financial advice to business owners. They also work with people who plan to save for their projects or build homes. You should seek the help of a certified financial advisor for your projects. This is because their qualifications guarantee you a positive outcome in your project. The government registers qualified accounting professionals. It does this to track the services they offer and protect your interests. You should hire CPAs who commit to upholding a high code of ethics. Certified public accountants are competent, and they commit to offering you financial services. Ensure that you confirm they have a CPA license which they receive after passing an exam.

Roles of Certified Financial Advisors

Financial experts subscribe to various CPA review courses. Such review courses include the Gleim CPA review, and Sargent CPA review course. This system allows them to access education information to pass their exams. Once they qualify, they can offer you a variety of services. A CPA will not only help you to manage your salary expenditure and business performance.

1. Making a Financial Plan

You will get help to set the price of your products. You will also get advice on when to hire more employees or fire some. Besides, a CPA will check the performance of your business. You will get advice on the necessary changes that you need to make so that your business can flourish. A CPA can prepare a quarterly or an annual report to show you whether you have made a profit or a loss. It is also crucial that you involve a CPA when you are planning for your divorce. The professional’s report will help you to share your business’s profits and liabilities. You can also seek help from certified financial advisors when you want to set up a new business. This is because they let you know when the demand for your products will be high to maximize your profit.

2. Employing and Firing Workers

You need to hire employees that your business can sustain. You may need to increase the number of your workers if the workload increases. This calls for an intervention of a certified public accountant. They can help you understand whether you can hire workers. Moreover, you will know if you have dishonest employees who are stealing from you. Certified public accountants have the skills to audit your business’ input and output. This allows you to understand your business’s performance. So you will improve on the critical area. Moreover, CPAs report will enable you to reward hard working employees.

3. Determining Prices

CPAs can help you understand the current market for your product. They do this by conducting research. The study’s outcome is crucial in helping you know how people consume your product. You will also forecast positive or negative performance; thus, seek intervention beforehand. So, you should avoid fixing un-informed prices by hiring a registered financial professional. Therefore, doing this will also aid your business to thrive during off-peak season.

4. Making Your Retirement Plan Work

Certified public accounts can help you to plan for your retirement. If you wish to maintain your financial status after your retirement, you should hire a PFS. They will help in making financial plans for your future. A personal financial specialist will ensure that your business is sustainable while retired. This is possible while you also make some savings for future use. Even when you are not in business, a CPA will help you to manage your monthly salary. You can achieve this by allowing them to guide you on how to balance your income and expenditure. So, you can enjoy certified public accountant’s services whenever you earn.

Certified public accounts are critical in your financial planning. You should trust their services because they register with a legal body. So, you can be sure that you will get helpful guidelines about your business. You will also invest and maximize profit through the help of a financial advisor. Besides, employing a CPA saves you time. This is because you will delegate business responsibilities to them. Note that working together with a PFS guarantees a smooth transition to retirement. This is because they will help you save for future expenses when you will no longer receive a salary.

Author Bio: Kathleen Zara works as a freelancer and entrepreneur working from a start-up learning along the way about marketing, social and networking, creating web sites, and web content..

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Here’s What You Need To Know About Choosing WordPress Themes

WordPress has grown in popularity and powers nearly one-third of all sites across the web. Right from startups to large enterprises, websites from all sectors and of all industries are being developed on WordPress. One factor that makes it such a powerful Content Management System (CMS) is the availability of themes. These are pre-designed templates which can be used to create your website rather than designing it from scratch. Having said that, choosing a theme is usually an overwhelming experience due to the availability of thousands of themes. While you might be attracted to a great looking theme, it is important to understand that unlike humans – not all themes are equal. They differ in quality to the extent that some might actually be dangerous to your customers/data. In this article, we offer some tips and tricks to help you choose the right theme for your WordPress website.

Tip #1 – All That Glitters Is Not Gold

We have found that many site owners have only one criterion for selecting a theme – its design. While the design is certainly important, you must also consider the type of content that you wish to publish, the audience that you want to target, banners, and other such elements which need to be supported by the theme. A good looking theme may not necessarily be the best theme for your website. For example, you might want to look for an SEO-friendly theme or a theme suitable for blogging, depending on your requirement.

Tip #2 – Credibility Of The Developers

Since WordPress is an open-source platform, there are thousands of developers trying to create themes and plugins. Before you choose one, ensure that the theme is designed and supported by a credible developer (or team of developers). By doing so you can be assured that the theme does not have any viruses, spam links, or coding errors. We always recommend users to download themes only from the WordPress directory.

Tip #3 – Test Drive The Theme

While some themes have a free version, others allow users to download a demo before they make a purchase. Ensure that you test the theme before installing it. Look for the following aspects:

  • Are the fonts readable?
  • Are there any unusual grits?
  • How is the visual content used?
  • Does it meet your site’s requirements?

Install the theme only when you have tested it well.

Tip #4 – Is The Theme Responsive?

There was a time when people accessed websites only from their desktops and the layout and resolution of the website could remain fixed. However, today, people access a site from a desktop, laptop, mobile phones of varying screen sizes, tabs, etc. Therefore, it is important that the website is made using a responsive theme which can move with the website.

Tip #5 – Support Is Crucial

Before installing a theme, it is important to ensure that the developers still offer support and provide updates. Remember, the WordPress theme directory has thousands of themes, some of which are abandoned by their developers. If you download such a theme, then managing any technical glitches will completely be up to you. Also, with WordPress updating itself regularly, the theme might not load properly with the newer versions of the platform. Hence, look for themes with active technical support.

Summing Up

These are some basic tips to help you find reliable themes for your WordPress website. Remember, it is important to understand your site’s requirements before looking for a theme. Also, a good WP website needs a hosting partner who understands the requirements of a WP site and offers adequate features and benefits. There are many providers offering WordPress Hosting in India with features like automatic updates and daily backups, automatic database optimization, maximum uptimes, and high page load speeds. While you are selecting a good theme, ensure that you pay enough attention to the web host as well. Together, they can ensure that your users have a great site experience. Good Luck!

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Changing Perception of Disability Equipment a Positive Perception


The benefits of disability equipment are limitless, and those that use them daily can attest to their importance.

For these individuals, the equipment is a means to freedom and independence to do their tasks outdoors or indoors at home. Having the right equipment is incredibly empowering and enabling to them.

They can flawlessly and effortlessly perform their duties as comfortably as possible.

However, it is heart-breaking to note that some unhealthy negative connotations are attached to the term disability equipment. The term disability elicits a feeling of helplessness and could trigger perceptions of stigma, dependency, or aging.

Even worse, it gives a sense that somebody using the equipment is broken, or something is not right with them. The equipment part of the term further makes people think of mechanical things. Unappealing and scary instruments that nobody would want to embrace or attribute to their daily lives.

Nevertheless, with time, manufacturers have made significant steps in product development, making this equipment more hospitable. They are now a better reflection of the freedom, independence, and control that they can offer the users.

They focus more on optimizing personal abilities and minimizing environmental barriers. The users become more enabled and in control.

So, is it still right to give this equipment a negative feel while they have such a huge positive influence? Terming them as disability equipment totally contradicts their sole purpose and steals the positive vibe.

Moreover, these items have become the order of the day, and those that use them no longer embrace the disability aspect. Their image and user profile have changed over the years, as presented by the manufacturers. They are now viewed more as aids.

Mobility Aids

Mobility aids such as wheelchairs and walking frames help their users to navigate their environment and the wider world with more freedom and independence.

With technology, these aids can be designed to cater to individual needs with the needed adaptation. This means you can use a customized design that best suits your lifestyle.

The customization could reflect the weight, shape, storage options, drive systems for powered wheelchairs, or adjustable features on walking frames.

The walking aids are furthermore accessible and come at affordable prices than before. Even better, the stigma aspect is off since their purchase is not restricted to a specialist medical supplier.

Moreover, the wide variety and customization of these aids offer more options to support different lifestyles while reducing the restrictions and dependence attributed to the term disability.

Safety and Daily Living Aids

There is a wide variety of aids that improve the safety and independence of users in their daily activities. For instance, those with complex needs have a wide range of mobility beds at their disposal with features to optimize ability and comfort.

There is also bathroom equipment and household aids that provide individuals with the means and freedom to do their daily tasks.

These aids arm the users with independence and control over their environment, enabling them to do what they love.


While some people might not see the flaw in the term disability equipment, it is imperative to look at the bigger picture.

The term outrightly gives a negative perception and does not reflect the positive image of these aids.

With limitless independence, control, increased choice of tasks, and improved accessibility, the equipment deserves a better term.

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The 5 most Expensive Places to Buy Property in Morocco

The 5 most Expensive Places to Buy Property in Morocco

Statistics and collected data clearly show that the Moroccan real estate market has been slowing substantially in recent times. This is because of a slower economy which has not been able to escape the burden caused by the Covid 19 pandemic. Another interesting statistic is the fact that the amount of luxury villas which have been sold has been affected the most by the slower economy somewhat more than apartments and normal residential houses.

Fortunately, there are also positive elements regarding this situation and in particular one has to mention the construction market has continued unabated despite all of the difficulties with the economy and real estate market.

Below is a countdown of the 5ove most expensive places to buy property in Morocco.


The fifth most expensive city in Morocco is Agadir which can be located along the southern Atlantic Coast. It is nestled in the foothills of the Anti-Atlas Mountains. This city is in the province of Agadir-Ida Ou Tanane and it is also the capital city in that province. This is a popular tourist destination because of its beautiful beaches,  beautifully designed golf courses and the seaside promenade where you can find bars, restaurants and cafés. An ancient construction and popular tourist attraction was the Agadir hilltop kasbah but unfortunately it has been destroyed in an earthquake in 1960. Fortunately, all was not lost because the original old wall is still standing strong and can still be viewed by tourists and locals. A luxury villa can be purchased for $2.3 million.


You will find Rabat which is the capital city of Morocco along the shores of the Atlantic Ocean and the Bouregreg River. This city has long been known for its extraordinary landmarks in particular those that reflect the French colonial heritage and also the religious ones which was influenced by Islam. One of the most important buildings is the Kasbah of the Udayas. This is a royal fort which dates back to the Berber-era and it is surrounded by a French designed garden. This location provides a beautiful view over the surrounding ocean. Another remarkable tourism attraction is the iconic Hassan tower which has been constructed in a 12th-century and which is towering above the ruins of the nearby mosque. Luxury villas in this city can cost about $3.2 million.


The city of Casablanca is a port city and as such it is an important commercial center in the Western regions of Morocco where it lies along the Atlantic Ocean. Once again there is a strong French colonial legacy which is visible in the city in particular in its downtown areas where the unique Mauresque architecture can be seen. This is a blend of European art deco with some elements of a Moorish style resulting in an interesting form of architecture. There is the very large Hassan II Mosque which has been partly constructed over the water and which was completed in 1993. The minaret reaches a height of 210 m and it has been fitted with lasers which point in the direction of Mecca. A villa can cost $3.5 million.

Property in Morocco


The city of Tangier is a port city in Morocco and it’s located on the Strait of Gibraltar. This has always been an important and strategic gateway between Europe and Africa going is back as far as the Phoenician times. This is also the home of the Dar el Makhzen which is the Palace of the sultans which has been converted into a museum of Moroccan artifacts. There is also the American legation Museum nearby which is involved in the documentation of early diplomatic relations between Morocco and the US. A villa in this city can cost $8.5 million.


The city of Marrakesh can be found in the western Morocco and it is also a vital economic center in the country and it is full of beautiful gardens, palaces and museums. There is also the densely packed Medina which is a walled in medieval city which has been constructed during the Berber Empire. This can be seen by the mazelike alleys where numerous marketplaces exist which is selling a variety of pottery, jewelry and traditional textiles. One of the most important symbols of the city is the 12th-century minaret of the Koutoubia Mosque. Luxury villas sell for $9.8 million.

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Choosing the Right Machine Embroidery Stitches

Weaving from a machine can be an interesting however productive business. To make it more productive, we need to watch out for the fasten type we pick. There is a great deal that a weaving machine has to bring to the table, yet before you jump into those, it is basic in any case, something basic yet adaptable. You should rehearse a ton before you can get a hand at each fasten there is to offer on a machine. In any case, before you do, it is much more imperative to realize what line should be possible where and what reason it tackles or what look it gives on the Personalised T Shirts. These three given beneath as they are the most fundamental join, yet there is no other option for them:

Straight Stitch:

We should start with the best yet the most essential join there is, versatile to a wide range of ventures there is to offer. It is the establishment join in weaving. In this kind of fasten, the machine just sews over a line of join and continues doing that over the equivalent are to build thickness. In this individual, lines are made without intersection or circling the string. It can likewise be utilized to make an example, broken or solid lines or starbursts, or fill shapes and make mathematical plans. The measure of thickness you need can be changed on your machine in like manner. With a machine, you can make lines and bends of assortment, so few out of every odd example you make is straight. This join is utilized for illustrating, concealing, make single-shading drawings, or accomplishing itemized work for making a convoluted plan. From this join, you can make logos or elaborate pictures and so forth. It resembles a manual line since it gives the adaptability to plot join exclusively, which occurs in manual line.

Silk Stitch:

An effectively distinguishable join, it is the best when used to make text or outskirts. It helps in totally covering a part of the foundation texture. These fastens are utilized to make messages. It is viewed as one of those join that are long, have no wrecked strings, sewed to fill a territory. The sheen made by the long length of the weaving string on the texture is so extraordinary and interesting. It is prescribed to utilize a top-notch string for weaving as it might unwind and pull in the event that it isn’t. Its life structures make it unique, a join that tracks to and over a given region. They are best utilized with whatever is restricted and needs upgrading by a glossy Personalised Hoodies

Fill Stitch:

It is called by numerous names like surrendering or tatami fasten; weaves have settled to call it fill line since it is utilized to fill designs. It has a woven look that is given by the substitute lines. They are typically done to cover the base; however, you can generally change the thickness in like manner. As a rule, individuals utilize mixed tones to give then some lovely impacts. The contrast among this and a glossy silk lines is that they aren’t as gleaming as glossy silk join however can cover huge regions where glossy silk fastens can’t; this adds to the appearance, volume and makes your weaving flexible.

Despite the fact that it required some investment to advance from hand weaving to straightforward sewing machines to weaving machines and the high level weaving machines that can in a real sense make any plans now that looked unthinkable for a machine to do prior, despite the fact that there is an assortment of fastens that should be possible presently yet at the same time the three referenced above will consistently remain the establishment of sewing and the ones that can complete any and each task easily. On the off chance that we talk about hand weaving, there are a lot more join types than a weaving machine. Consequently, it would be a moving undertaking to make a plan you need by a hardware without training. It is recommended to rehearse a ton, so we don’t need to pass up a plan in light of the admittance to just some join alternatives and these lines above are the best approach in any case it. It is basic to realize that these lines above are the structure squares to different join and what might we best is to begin from simple ventures and afterward change to different fastens.

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A Look into the Future of Digital Marketing in 2020

Digital Marketing in 2020

In the coming years, marketers are going to take full control over customer experience. To better understand how digital marketing will evolve in the future, the Economist Intelligence Unit asked 499 senior and chief marketing executives. They also conducted interviews with chief marketing officers of major brands. This has led to a glimpse into the future of digital marketing in terms of change driving trends and key technology.

The results generated by this have been interesting and shows what could happen over the next 4 years. However, there are certain key findings that marketers should be aware of. Here, marketing recruitment specialists, Stopgap, explore this further.

The Hottest Tech Trends for Marketers

The tech trends are not surprising with mobile being the top one. This has been a large trend in marketing for a few years and over half of web traffic is mobile. A newer tech trend is the internet of things and this is more exciting even though it is currently unclear how it is going to affect marketers. There are a lot of opportunities that this could bring, but anyone who says they know exactly how the IoT will impact marketing is probably lying.

Personalised technology is another trend which has been around for a long time. However, the amount of data marketers have available is better than ever and personalisation is starting to come into its own. The start is geo-targeting, but there is a lot more to this. Advanced marketing should make use of statistical models which determine which customers will be interested in certain products based on the data available. These models should then serve the correct marketing accordingly.

One of the newer and more ground-breaking tech trends is blockchain technology. The only problem with this technology is an uncertainty over how it will evolve in the coming years. There are many implications for law, banking and intellectual property which are coming about, but the impact for marketing is less known.

The hottest topic of the moment is Artificial Intelligence. This has become more important with Google’s AlphaGo AI beating the world’s best, Go champion. The combination of AI and content personalisation can generate amazing opportunities in marketing. This is something that is likely to be experimented with in the future and should be something that you look into.

The Key Channels for 2020

Most people still think that 2020 is a far-off time. This could be due to the lack of inventions we were all sure would have occurred by now. There are no flying cars and there is no base on the moon.

While this is how many people feel, 2020 is not far away. This might seem like a strange thing to consider when looking at marketing, but it is very important. It is easy to feel that the future is far away and you do not have to prepare for it. This often results in your marketing efforts remaining in the past and not moving with your competition. Having your marketing fall behind is a major problem that can easily be avoided by paying attention to the changes as they come.

One of the changes to consider is the key marketing channels you should be using. The research found that social will still lead the pack in terms of key channels. Mobile apps and the mobile web come in at third and fourth. You need to consider if this reflects your current marketing investment. When you invest in these channels now, you will future-proof your strategy and ensure that you are competitive instead of falling behind.

Measuring the Effectiveness of Marketing

Something that a lot of marketers have problems with is reviewing the effectiveness of their campaigns. This is not always their fault and it can be challenging to prove that an increase in sales was due to a new marketing campaign or the change in the website. This improvement could also be due to a push from the sales team.

This is where digital technology will come into play. This software will provide an opportunity to accurately measure all key metrics and see what is affecting the sales figures. Calculating ROI is only possible when you have the right data regarding traffic and conversions.

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