Why Should You Prioritize Localization Testing For Your Product?

Before launching a product, it is essential to perform localization testing, whether game localization testing, application or website, etc. Nobody wants to risk overlooking localization difficulties before launching or alienating consumers due to poor localization quality.

Discovering errors once a software product has already gone live is the worst nightmare of all businesses. Companies can save a lot of money, effort, and customer satisfaction by finding and fixing defects before launching. Looking at localization quality from all potential perspectives will help you prevent problems that might turn off your target audience if you intend for your software to operate in numerous marketplaces.

Localization testing aims to check a specific area’s language and cultural elements. It entails modifying the user interface or the default settings per the needs.

Numerous testers will repeat identical functions throughout this form of testing. They check for things like grammatical mistakes, cultural appropriateness of the user interface, typographical issues, etc.

Most localization testing is manual, particularly when language considerations are involved. Professional localization testers must conduct in-depth market research to be aware of every potential problem. They must then analyze the data in its totality, use it as if it were meant for end users, and develop in-depth test cases for the software.

Planning for localization testing from the outset is crucial in order to avoid any errors that can occur. You’ll be able to:

  • Enable compliance. Testing your product for localization makes sure it complies with rules specific to the local market.
  • Save time and money. Localization testing helps you avoid significant errors and avoid rework, thereby reducing higher overhead costs. However, it may include additional charges and time for remedies.
  • Increase your user base by expanding into new markets with a fantastic locally tailored offering.
  • Build user trust by demonstrating that quality assurance is essential to your product development process, that localization is important to you, and that you care about their experience.
  • Reduce churn: The happier your users are with your product, the less probable they will leave.

What Is Localization Testing?

Ensuring that a particular product build (such as a game, mobile app, or website) operates as anticipated in every market and satisfies local users’ technical, linguistic, and cultural requirements – all that localization testing is about. It is planned rather than done on the fly and is done one language at a time. It takes place before the product launch.

However, once translation quality becomes a problem – typically after the software has already been launched – localization testing is usually given priority in software development. The ideal situation is the opposite: localization testing should be a key component of development, internationalization, and the localization plan from the beginning.

Any business aiming to grow worldwide risks difficulties if a localization testing procedure isn’t established, carried out, and up to par. After a product enters the market, localization problems can suddenly come out of nowhere, so it’s critical to identify and address them quickly.

How Does It Work?

A qualified native speaker carries out localization testing for the particular market where you want to assess the quality of the localization. The kind of localization testing they perform will determine what they look for.

Functional Localization Testing

Routine functional testing aims to determine whether the software is genuinely functioning. In other words, can a user use it to accomplish their goals? Testing for functional localization takes a step further: It also aims to answer the following query: “Does it work right now in this market?”

Functional localization testing typically focuses on user interface and localization-specific elements that can alter how users experience these functionalities because, in most circumstances, the functionalities of the original product stay the same in all of its localized versions.

It is vital to ensure the following during functional localization testing:

  • There are no improper concatenations, broken strings, or placeholders.
  • The correct language resources load.
  • Every screen is easy for users to use and execute work on. For example, load times are quick enough to facilitate fast performance.
  • The region’s hardware and software are compatible.
  • The software shows the appropriate language for each region and uses appropriately adapted numerical formatting, etc.
  • The software’s text boxes allow users to type in the information they need to do a task in their native tongue.
  • Images display correctly, and fonts are rendered accurately.
  • Users can access features that are available in that market or language.
  • Buttons, hotkeys, and hyperlinks function as they should.
  • Users have no problems using local payment options.
  • Localization does not compromise accessibility.

The primary goal is to provide people with the kind of user experience they have grown to expect from other established competitors’ products.

Linguistic Localization Testing

In the context of translated software products, linguistic testing involves examining the level of text localization. Professional linguists who are native speakers of the target language typically conduct this kind of localization testing. Especially linguistic game testing is essential, as all the components should correspond.

Testing for linguistic localization seeks to provide answers to issues like:

  • Terminology is utilized consistently across the user interface, website, and other texts.
  • To native English speakers, the text should be read clearly and naturally.
  • There should be no translation quality issues that can confuse or mislead users.
  • The localization should perfectly translate abbreviations, acronyms, and common phrases while being linguistically accurate and idiomatic.
  • The visuals should be representative of their culture and meaningful to the target language’s native speakers.
  • The brand’s messaging and tone of voice are similar across all markets, including the target market.

Traditional functional tests can’t detect linguistic issues. Therefore you should use proofreaders and reviewers with solid credentials and expertise throughout the localization process, mainly if your localization employs a continuous approach.

Regional Localization Testing

  • Local and cultural concerns always accompany testing for localization. For instance, that region’s data privacy laws should always be considered during localization testing.
  • Local laws and ordinances, such as national tax rules affecting product prices globally, may impact localization.
  • Cultural sensitivities are specific to the area, such as representations of ethnic groups, insulting or contentious pictures, and colors that may have particular connotations.

Final Thought

In conclusion, the success of localized software in international markets can be determined by how carefully planned and carried out the software localization testing procedure is. The highest level of linguistic and functional quality should always be the goal of localization testing to ensure a locally produced product that is culturally acceptable.

When localization testing is done correctly, the outcomes can give companies wanting to sell software products outside their native markets a competitive edge. Testing lowers the expense of rectifying errors after launch and lowers the possibility of localization issues harming the brand’s reputation.

You can improve the success of software localization by making thorough testing a key component of your localization strategy, investing time and resources in planning, research, and adaptation before localization begins, automating processes with cutting-edge localization technology, and maintaining appropriate linguistic resources

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Some SEO Secrets You Might Not Know

If you were to go to the most popular search engine on the planet, Google, and type in “SEO Dallas” what do you think would appear in the results? You might believe that only the best in SEO would appear at the top of the search results, and you may be on the right track…however…many of the top results are due to a dominating strategy that a lot of agencies don’t take advantage of.

The Power of the URL

You might notice that some of the highest ranking websites have the term SEO in them, in one way or another. If any of the marketers were establishing the dominance that the website has the potential for, they would definitely put the city in the URL. It is all about letting the search engines know that your website has the information that seekers are looking for. If the topics of the search are included in the URL, everything is good to go.

There are several ways that this URL can be of great service to search engine optimization. You don’t necessarily have to go out and secure a domain that includes all of the keywords, although it is effective. If the name of the business matches up with the keywords that the site is trying to rank for, it is even better however, a strategic SEO person knows how to get around details such as this.

Landing Pages

One of the most effective ways to boost search engine visibility is to build landing pages that are specifically for the keywords that they are built upon. The landing page is also a solution for including keywords in the URL without having to extend the domain name.

For example, if you create a landing page on your site for SEO in Dallas and direct all of the inbound traffic for that keyword to that page you can take advantage of the URL advantage. You could create a landing page such as: “yourdomain/seo-dallas” and point traffic for that specific keyphrase directly to that page.

What can happen with this strategy is that you can have multiple locations for your services that can potentially show up in high places for different areas. Say you have an SEO firm in Dallas, Houston, Austin, and San Antonio.

What many companies do is have a separate landing page for each service area, but have the website structured with internal links that connect all pages together. What this means is you could potentially show up for:

  • SEO Dallas
  • SEO Austin
  • SEO Houston
  • SEO San Antonio

To take it even a few more steps further, if the company works on an international level you could have landing pages for multiple cities in multiple states across the country from Albany, New York to Eureka, California.

Of course, it will help to have a Google My Business account set up for every branch and have each branch’s URL stem from the GMB to the landing page it coincides with.

Local vs. National

Of course, if you simply type “SEO” into the search engine and hit enter the organic results are going to be different based on your location. However, if your SEO game is strong, you do have a chance at topping the search results in a greater part of the nation.

How to Search an Entire Website in Google in 3 Steps [+ Example]

Wanna Know How?

You have to build tons of quality links back to your site that all have something to do with SEO or search engine optimization.

With local search results, you can tweak each landing page for whatever area to show up in local results due to geolocation specifics. For every city landing page, you have to include the address and other geological information such as a local phone number and cross streets. With the help of GMB and other local business platforms, your pages can be easily reached and presented to users within that general area.

When it comes to national searches, it is a little bit different. If you specify geolocation on the site, it may limit your visibility to that certain area. Also, with national results, you will always be competing with giants such as Amazon and other platforms that offer services or spotlight local businesses.

With national results, you will need a properly structured website with tons of inbound and outbound links and a solid cornerstone content piece that is written well enough to gain visibility in featured snippets.

The secret to national search engine visibility is to have your website as tight and flawless as possible with clear landing pages for every service that you have to offer. Each landing page has to have quality backlinks from websites that have high domain authority. Links about SEO should only go to one landing page about SEO, whereas digital marketing, search engine marketing, conversion rate optimization, and so on should each have their own landing pages with links about them directly to them.

Titles and Headings

Wanna know why so many websites fail to rank for popular keywords? Improper structure. Understand this, and you will understand the entire game. You can’t simply stuff keywords into pages and hope for the best. You can weaken the strength of your website just by attempting to use keyword stuffing strategies.

When you choose all of the pillar keywords for your particular website the best way to get results is to create a landing page for each pillar keyword and shoot for visibility from the landing pages as opposed to trying to show up in results for all keywords on your home page. Of course, your main pillar keyword should be the focus of your home page, but if you break up your service pages and main keywords into their own pages you will have much better results.

When it comes to titles and headings you do not want to overdo it. Use pillar keywords in the titles and headings of your main landing pages, but use long tail keywords in blogs, and cornerstone content pieces.

Your titles and headings should all be consistent with the keywords that you are focusing on for each page, not combined for the entire site.

For example, if your pillar keyword is “SEO consultant” your URL, page title, heading one, and content should all mention “SEO consultant.” Not to the point where you are blasting your keyword every couple of sentences, but where you are consistently making the reader, and the search engines aware that the page you are presenting before them is about an SEO consultant.

If you stuff variants of the keyword into all of the pages and all of the titles you will not only confuse your visitors but the search engines as well. Make it clear that your SEO consultant page is not the same as your “SEO services” page and that it is also different from your SEO campaign page.

Backlinks and Citations

While there are countless SEO experts that swear that every link that points back must be a “do follow” link or it is useless, this just is not the case. Although “do follow” links do carry a lot of weight if they are from reputable domains, the search engines still recognize any link back to the site as a backlink.

The search engines are a lot smarter than most give credit to. Every little piece of information that is available on the web about your business and the keywords that it is associated with are a vital component in search engine visibility. People may argue that citations are just as good as solid backlinks, but the truth is that both are even better.

The key is to make sure that you disavow backlinks from toxic sites before they have a chance to make your site look toxic as well. Staying on top of bad publicity is another key element of having positive visibility in search engines.


There are a lot of people out there that claim to be experts, and many of them are rightly so. However, keep in mind that when it comes to search engine optimization there is a lot of common sense that comes into play. Don’t overdo your keywords and don’t be afraid to use them either. Learn where the balance is by doing keyword research and continuing to make the changes necessary to keep up with the latest technology and algorithms.

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4 Tips in Faucet Installation and Repair

There are already various types of faucets that you can choose from in case you are thinking of upgrading your fixtures or replacing your old ones because of damage. However, before you do replace your faucets, it is a good idea to consider salvaging your existing fixtures. Regardless of whether you are into a faucet repair or replacement, this article lists down some of the most useful tips that you can keep in mind.

Prepare The Right Tools

One of the primary things that you need to do when it comes to faucet installation or repair is to ensure that you have the right tools to begin working. The seasoned providers of Concord plumbing services suggest that you may need to have a basin wrench to reach into a cramped area behind your sink or tighten loose nuts holding your faucet. You may also need silicone that can act as an adhesive to prevent the faucet from moving around.

Upgrade Your Supply Lines

When you install a new faucet, there are instances wherein you may also need to upgrade your supply lines. In doing so, you will ensure that there are no leaks. In this case, you may want to consider replacing old supply lines with braided stainless steel connectors that are virtually foolproof.

How to Pick Bathroom Faucets | HGTV

Always Check For Leaks

As soon as you have finished installing a new faucet or when you are done repairing one, you should always check for any leaks. In this way, you will be able to address any of these leaks should you notice one. This will alleviate you from having to pay for an excessive amount of water bill in the long run. This will also help relieve you from the annoying drip of a faucet that can be quite a nuisance.

Save The Instructions In A Ziplock

To ensure that you will always have the instructions on how to replace or repair a faucet when you need them, save these in a ziplock. You can also include the spare parts of the faucet together with it. Place all of these inside your sink cabinet where you will be able to readily access them as necessary.

The Bottomline

It is a good idea to familiarise yourself with some of the best practices when it comes to the repair or replacement of your faucets and other plumbing fixtures. However, remember that you can always get in touch with professional plumbers in Concord to be able to help you tackle this task. Rest assured that they have the necessary skills and expertise to ensure that your faucets are in their best condition in no time.

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Aprima Medical Software Review

Aprima medical software is a new type of electronic health record that lets physicians easily access patient information from anywhere. The Aprima interface follows the flow of a physician’s office visits, saving both time and money. The software also helps doctors manage their practice’s revenue and is compatible with hospitals and payers. Moreover, this type of medical software is easy to use and is completely customizable. You can access your records in real-time, and aprima is available in PitchBook.

Aprima offers several types of medical software, including an electronic health record (EHR) and an e-prescription tool. The EHR is a convenient web-based solution that supports physician workflow. The RCM module includes population health and revenue cycle management. The PM option has a built-in pharmacy and provides patient information. Aprima’s EHR is designed to help doctors manage patients’ medication histories and ensure compliance with regulations.

Aprima EHR is a single database application that allows physicians to enter patient information and bill. The EHR also has a financial platform and is compatible with more than 70 specialties. Aprima offers complete customization and ease of use. If you need more features, you can choose cloud or on-premise hosting. It can help you manage your practice and boost your revenue. So, if you’re a physician, Aprima’s EHR software can be of great help.

Aprima EHR is an excellent option for your medical practice. Its scalable, flexible design and streamlined process will make it easy to customize to meet your course’s needs. The program is certified for Meaningful Use by the federal government and helps doctors and clinics improve their bottom line. The software is compatible with mobile hardware and is easy to use. In addition, it features specialty-specific coding and templates that are automatically customizable to your specific needs.

Aprima EHR is a powerful online system that lets physicians organize patient information. Its mobile application allows physicians to access patient information even outside of their offices. Aprima’s EHR is compatible with smartphones. The app offers numerous features, and Aprima’s website makes it easy to navigate. Aprima’s e-prescribing is one of the key features of the product. Another feature of the program is the ability to link patient charts and documents with a hospital.

Aprima EHR has many features. It can be used as a standalone EHR or integrated revenue cycle management. Aprima EHR software can be configured to work with all major operating systems. Aprima’s mobile apps provide users with easy access to patient data, including electronic prescriptions. The app also offers multilingual support, which helps you communicate with patients. Its clinical decision-support professionals. Aprima’s mobile app is an important feature of the software.

Importance of Health Informatics and Medical Software in Healthcare -  AppStudio

Aprima PRM is an integrated electronic health record. This software is a web-based all-in-one EMR. It is a complete solution for primary care practices. Moreover, the application is supported by a team of experienced executives. As a result, it is a premier eMR in Texas. Its mobile apps will allow providers to work seamlessly on the device. In addition, Aprima PRM enables doctors to manage patient payments.

Aprima is a complete solution for medical practice management. It provides all the necessary functionality for a patient to manage their life. The software is designed to support all the medical practice’s workflow. It is an excellent option for a doctor’s office. Aprima’s EHR provides the best solutions for treating Parkinson’s disease. It is highly recommended for the management of a physician. Its features include:

Medical software can also help hospitals with their day-to-day operations. It helps medical practices track patient data and compare them with other doctors. Besides, it allows doctors to follow patients and maintain their finances. Using aprima is a convenient way to stay on top of the market. Aprima has the most useful features for any hospital. The system has advanced features, such as an e-mail notification system, patient panel, and mobile interface.

aprima medical software | benefits of aprima healthcare technology for hospitals and insurers’ records and payment plans for patients. It is also possible to integrate the software with IoT devices and monitor a patient’s health condition through a smartphone. Aprima’s IoT features are incorporated into the system. Its EHR, or electronic health record, is a popular software for hospitals and other healthcare facilities.

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CBSE Class 12 Chemistry Paper 2020 Analysis

CBSE Class


On March 7, 2020, the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) held a class 12 chemistry test. The test was held across the country between 10.30 a.m. and 1.30 p.m. According to reports, 644552 regular students took part in the CBSE class 12 chemistry exam, which was held in 4774 locations across the country. The chemistry exam consists of both practical and theoretical components. The practical exams, worth 30 points, were held prior to the start of the CBSE class 12 theory board exams. The chemistry paper in CBSE class 12 is worth 70 points.

Under the Science stream, the CBSE board administers the Class 12th Board Chemistry Exam. The theoretical paper is worth 80 points, while the project work is worth just 20. Chemistry is a crucial topic for students in the science stream. Previously, students who took the Physics exam considered the paper to be extremely difficult and lengthy.

CBSE made several improvements to the paper pattern last year, with section A containing 20 one-mark questions and sections B, C, and D containing two-mark, three-mark, and five-mark questions, respectively. Furthermore, there was an option between sections B, C, and D on an internal level.

Students’ Analysis of the CBSE Class 12 Board Exam Chemistry Paper 2020:

The chemistry paper for CBSE class 12 is divided into four parts, each with a different weightage. When compared to the CBSE class 12 physics exam, students who took the CBSE class 12 board chemistry exam said the difficulty level of the paper was between easy and moderate. The exam could be completed in a reasonable amount of time, and most students selected section C as slightly more difficult than the other sections. Section A, which included multiple-choice questions, was also simpler for some students, while section B, which included assertion-reasoning questions, was slightly more difficult.

Only questions from the prescribed syllabus were included in the chemistry exam 2020. The pattern and difficulty level of questions in the CBSE chemistry paper 2020 were very similar to the CBSE class 12 chemistry sample papers published by the board.

Chemistry Paper 2020 for CBSE Class 12 Board Exam – Teacher’s Review:

One of the teachers accepted that logic problems necessitated a deeper understanding of principles, while numerical and chemical equations were simpler to solve and did not take much time. Some teachers have said that the chemistry paper had simple questions, with approximately 70% of the questions taken directly from the NCERT textbooks’ prescribed syllabus. The majority of teachers who reviewed the paper shared the common point of the paper being easy to solve. This opinion of the teachers largely stems from the fact that up until 2019, the board papers for the science stream were prepared in a different and much tougher way. Due CBSE changing its patters of preparing the paper, students in 2020 faced a major advantage and better chances than their predecessors

Chemistry Paper Pattern for CBSE Class 12 Board Exam in 2020:

This year’s CBSE class 12 chemistry exam pattern has changed slightly. There were a total of 37 questions in the report. The CBSE chemistry paper for class 12 students in 2020 was divided into four sections:

Section A consisted of 20 questions with very brief answers or multiple choice options. Each question is worth one point.

Section B – This section consisted of seven short answer questions, each worth two points.

Section C – This section also had seven short answer questions, but each question was worth three points.

Section D – The final section contains three long-answer questions worth five points each.

While students were not given any overall choices, they were given internal choices within sections B, C, and D, as shown below. Section B had two questions and so did section C. There were options for all three questions in section D.

In the list given below, the mark weightage of questions from various chapters of the prescribed CBSE chemistry syllabus 2020 is shown:

  • Solid State: 4
  • Solutions: 5
  • Electrochemistry: 5
  • Chemical Kinetics: 5
  • Surface Chemistry: 4
  • General Principles and Process of Isolation of Elements: 3
  • p-Block Elements: 8
  • d- and f-Block Elements: 5
  • Coordination Compounds: 3
  • Haloalkanes and Haloarenes: 4
  • Alcohols, Phenols and Ethers: 4
  • Aldehydes, Ketones and Carboxylic Acids: 6
  • Organic Compounds containing Nitrogen: 4
  • Biomolecules: 4
  • Polymers: 3
  • Chemistry in Everyday Life: 3

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The All In One Place Rewriting Tool

Rewriting Tool

It does not matter which part of the world you live or come from, at one point in life you must have been asked to rewrite a text document. Did you pass the rewriting test that you were assigned? Maybe yes or no, you alone know the appropriate answer to that. But rewriting has been made so easy when you choose to deploy the rewriting tool that serves you with all the rewriting needs.

This tool is online and therefore to make use of it, you must have a laptop or a machine that is able to connect to the internet. Once you have this in a device connected to the internet, below are the benefits you will get from using the rewrite tool on your document;


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The rewriting tool is very convenient in that you are not timed like during office hours to use it, you can wake up in the middle of the night and get your document rewritten ready for use the following morning. This only means that you can depend on it even in emergencies and have some good and presentable document for your needs. You are also not fixed to use on a single machine as many other platforms restrict, it is open and one can use it on as many machines as possible.


While it is a rewriting tool, the developers have taken the time to ensure that there are many more features that are available to you when using the rewriting tool.  With the tool, you are able to do editing, paraphrasing, and many more options that you may need to be done to your document. It is therefore multi-purpose and tool that will sort several needs that you may be having. Being a free tool, it’s time to take advantage of it.

Easy Tool

Rewriting Tool

Unlike many other tools that are used in writing or editing where you need to have a specific email for the platform and also download some files and link them to get your work done, the rewriting tool is very simple and has a user-friendly interface that you will enjoy using.

No Limits

Many applications and tools that users use to do different tasks online have for a long time been limiting users because of the predefined set limit amount of data that can be operated on at a time, this is not the case with the rewrite, you are allowed to paste in the tool all text data no matter the size.

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The Difference Between Smart Watch and Ordinary Watch

Smart Watch

With the development of the times, smart watches appear emerging in our life. Many people do not understand the difference between smart watches and ordinary watches. Why the selling prices can differ by more than ten times. So today’s article will introduce the difference between them.


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Although they are both called watches, they are irrelevant. Ordinary watches concludes pointer watches and electronic watches. Their functions are limited. Pointer watches need to look at the pointer to confirm the time. Electronic watches only need to look at the screen to know the time. Smart watches are different from both. They cannot exist independently, but need to connect to mobile phones. Entering the network to realize their functions. Smart watches have electronic screens like mobile phones. Even if they look like dials, they are not real, but the analog images of LCD screens. The second is that it needs to load chips.


The most fundamental difference between them lies in their functions. For example, ordinary watches can only know the present time. But smart watches can realize some functions of mobile phones. Such as telephone, short message, mail, photo, music, etc. Ordinary watches do not interact with people, smart watches are different. They have application software, and its sensing chips can even collect human physiological function information. For example, HONOR Watch Magic series can track more than a dozen sports. Just like an all-round fitness coach.


The endurance of ordinary watches can be said to be durable. A battery can last for more than one year. Smart watches are electronic products, their endurance may be a few days. Smart watches like HONOR Watch Magic have a maximum endurance of 7 days, which has performed well in similar products.


The price of smart watches is average, not expensive but not cheap, just like mobile phones. Ordinary watches are different. Good watches are expensive, while ordinary watches may be at the price of one meal.

Smart Watch

The above is the difference between smart watches and ordinary watches. Should we buy smart watches or ordinary watches? Generally speaking, it needs to be considered according to the different situations of everyone. For example, when you are dependent on electronic devices and functions of smart watches can make your life more convenient. You can try smart watches. People like children and the elderly, they do not know the complicated operating system of them. It is better to choose ordinary watches.

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How To Resolved [PII_EMAIL_55BDE9C1D2040B074359] in 2021?

Looking for[pii_email_55bde9c1d2040b074359] mistake arrangement? Here you will discover a few guidelines that will likely take care of your concern.

On the off chance that you see [pii_email_55bde9c1d2040b074359]] mistake code, it implies that your Outlook doesn’t work accurately. All in all, what would you be able to do to get Outlook work accurately? Here are a few straightforward directions:

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On the off chance that you are utilizing different records and a program is running on Windows, attempt to log out of all records, clear reserve, at that point login back in.

[pii_email_55bde9c1d2040b074359] mistake could be brought about by establishment measure, that Outlook clashes with other email accounts or other programming introduced on your PC. In this way, you may have to eliminate broken rendition of Outlook from your own PC, at that point introduce the most recent variant of Outlook from true site Microsoft Outlook.

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Attempt to utilize an electronic variant of utilization Microsoft Outlook Web-Version.

Redesign you Microsoft Outlook rendition to genuine one.

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On the off chance that you are utilizing Windows 10, attempt to utilize Microsoft Outlook on different Windows forms, for example, 7 or 8.

Contact a Microsoft uphold for additional directions.

[pii_email_55bde9c1d2040b074359] Helpful Articles and Trusted Resources

What is Microsoft Outlook?

Standpoint is a free Microsoft individual email and schedule application utilized by a huge number of individuals consistently.

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Best Free SEO Tools [Inforgraphic]

Want to use that one tool that almost all Vancouver SEO consultant companies use? Then go for SEMrush! According to this infographic, it practically has everything you need in a great SEO tool. It suggests the best keywords, gives info on your domain and others’, and it’s easy to use! What else will you look for in such a nifty and innovative program?

ClickWebStudio Infographic

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How to Fix [pii_pn_f74414b574a9434e] Error Code in Mail?

How to Fix [pii_pn_f74414b574a9434e] Error Code in Mail?

Today we are going to explain how to fix the [pii_pn_f74414b574a9434e] error code in your Outlook Mail. If your outlook dashboard displays this error code then probably something is wrong. Here we will provide multiple solutions to fixing the error code [pii_pn_f74414b574a9434e]. So do read this complete article to help solve the [pii_pn_f74414b574a9434e] outlook mail error on your device.

Methods to solve [pii_pn_f74414b574a9434e] Error Issue

There are various methods to fix the [pii_pn_f74414b574a9434e] issue of the outlook mail. We have listed some of the few below:

1. Cleaning your Computer’s Cache & Cookies
2. The basis and simple solution to fixing the [pii_pn_f74414b574a9434e] error is to clear your system’s cache and clearing all your cookies.
3. Using Windows Trouble Shooting Centre for repairing Microsoft Outlook
4. It can also be the case that the software Microsoft outlook was not properly installed and you may need to repair the software for proper functioning to fix the [pii_pn_f74414b574a9434e] error code.
5. Deleting the Microsoft Outlook Software from your Device
6. This is the optimal solution to fixing the [pii_pn_f74414b574a9434e] error code. And in most of the cases this will work perfectly. You may first complete delete and uninstall the software from your personal computer or device.
7. Directly contacting Microsoft Outlook support.
8. If all the above listed solutions does not work in solving the [pii_pn_f74414b574a9434e] error code. You should directly contact the Microsoft outlook support for further instructions.

Steps to follow to fix [pii_pn_f74414b574a9434e] Error

There are various reasons due to which [pii_pn_f74414b574a9434e] error occurs in Outlook mail. To know how to fix this issue follow the steps given below:

1. One of the reasons this error occurs is the use of multiple accounts in a single browser i.e try logging out of all the accounts present. Then clear the cache of the browser and try logging back again with only one account. This will most probably solve the [pii_pn_f74414b574a9434e] error.
2. If the [pii_pn_f74414b574a9434e] still persists try uninstalling the outlook software and installing it again, you may ask why, the reason it happens is outlook may not have been installed completely and there could be broken installation on your system.
3. Another way to fix the [pii_pn_f74414b574a9434e] error is to use the web based version of Microsoft Outlook instead of PC software.
4. In this era of free internet and free software, chances of piracy are huge and they may be chances that you may have installed a pirated version of the software. Try upgrading the software to fix the [pii_pn_f74414b574a9434e] error.
5. Another option is to repair the outlook software using the windows 10 troubleshooting center.
6. If all these above-listed options don’t work then try contacting the Microsoft Support for further instructions.

Why does this [pii_pn_f74414b574a9434e] Error Occurs?

In most cases, the [pii_pn_f74414b574a9434e] error occurs due to error in the installation process and Outlook conflicts with the other software installed on your computer. Also, in some cases, there may be chances that multiple account are being used on the device.

Error Fix:


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