Two Of The World’s Most aSatisfying Dog Breeds For New Dog Owners

Two Of The World’s Most aSatisfying Dog Breeds For New Dog Owners

Today, more and more people are choosing a dog as a pet. Even people who hadn’t previously considered themselves ‘dog people’ are buying new puppies as the family pet. And with this growing trend, a new dog behaviour classification is emerging known as owner satisfaction levels. While it is important to choose the right dog for you and your family, there are two dog breeds that stand out as being more satisfying than the rest. This includes behavior, health, longevity, size, and training abilities.

A dog’s training abilities are important, and it starts with good residential dog training.  By choosing the residential dog training Liverpool pet owners trust most, your dog will get the training he needs to become a member of your family.

With that in mind, we are going to take a look at two of the world’s most satisfying dog breeds:

Pyrenean Shepherd- this small herding breed is native of the French Alps and is well-conditioned to move across mountainous terrain for hours. This breed is quite popular in Europe, but some puppies can be obtained from responsible breeders in Canada and the United States. Their most common health issues are only skin rashes and food allergies, and they have an average lifespan of 17 years.

Australian Cattle Dog- if you prefer an active dog and you have an ample outdoor space, this is an excellent breed to choose. They are medium-sized dogs and ideal to accompany you for a long time. Some Australian cattle dogs could live more than 25 years old, which is exceptionally long. A dog named Chilla, reached the age of 32 years in Queensland, Australia.

Creating A Positive Relationship With Your New Dog

Regardless of the breed of dog you choose, any dog can become the perfect family pet with the right training and care. Although you love giving your dog affection, it is also important to set alone time to prevent an overly dependent relationship. Use your common sense and create proper boundaries to ensure proper affection. Clingy relationship may cause separation anxiety, destructive behaviour, and continuous barking, all things that dog owners complain about most.

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